How to mix it up - pajama party, a visit to beauty salon with your friends, photo shoot, and birthday party - all in the best place according to Cosmo? Host your party with bliss® spa St Petersburg.

Bliss spa offers several ways to arrange your party:


Plan A

Exclusive treatments for the girls attending the party: any 60-75 min treatment (facial, body, massage) from the spa menu:

  • Spa zone including swimming pool, jacuzzi, hamam and sauna
  • Lounge zone – stylish room where you can relax and read fashion magazines
  • Sparkling wine, lemonade and tasty brownies

Plan B

Cocktail in Lounge

Cocktails for the guests + Canape set: Cucumber, avocado med‘roll; Smoked salmon and blinis; Club sandwich; Mini cheeseburger; Chicken skewer, tandoori sauce; Mousse crunch chocolate; Éclair caramel; Tiramisu; Fresh fruits


Plan C

Buffet at WET of the bliss spa St Petersburg (swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, rainSky shower unliminted access)


For further details on your date, please contact the Administrator Yulia Ovsyannikova - T. 007 812 610 61 77 /

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